The Yard 2012 The Yard 2012 Rudi Watts, owner, surveys the Yard from the top of the large whitewood mulch pile. 151575070 Rudi Watts, owner, strikes a pose for the camera. Who says work can't be fun? 151575071 When the mulch is loaded into trailers, sometimes monoliths such as this are left behind due to the alternation between loose and tight packing of mulch. 151575072 Aaron Barton, right-hand-man, checks the teeth in the Pererson 5710 before starting the day's grinding. 151575073 151575074 151575075 151575076 151575077 151575078 In the early months of 2012, the weather was very warm and very dry - making for days with a lot of dust in the air! 151575079 When the dust clears, the Peterson 5100 is still grinding under a hard load. 151575080 This picture isn't edited. What are you talking about? 151575081 Once in a while, a machine has to travel to a new location. In this case, one of our two wheel loaders, both of the John Deere 544J variety, took a trip out to Olathe, KS's city dump site. 151575082 Early in the year, we tested a machine, a Doppstadt DW - 3060 K. This machine grinds vertically, unlike our Peterson 5710 and our Peterson 5100, which grind horizontally. With gravity on its side, it was more efficient. Not to mention smaller. 151575083 151575084 151575085 151575086 We decided to give the Doppstadt DW - 3060 K a run for it's money. 151575087 151575088 Just think: if mulch could tell its story, this could probably be the scariest story it could tell - traveling down the feed chain into the mouth of the beast. 157246856 Rudi Watts, owner, prepares to weld on a piece for the Peterson 5100. 157828808 Owner Rudi Watts proceeds to weld on a piece for the Peterson 5100 grinder. 157828809 Margarito Delgado walks beside the Morbark screener, in the last stages of fixing a bearing that had gone out the previous day. 157828810 The John Deere 544J wheel loader, one of two that EHaras owns, sits and waits for another semi to arrive to be loaded with freshly-ground mulch. 157828811 157828812 157828813 157828814 157828815 157828816 157828817 157828818 157828819 157828820 157828821 157828822 157828823 157828824 157828825 157828826 157828827 157828828 157828829 157828830 157828831 157828832